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Paper Crafting with Reny: Brilliant creations from basic shapes


Learn how to turn basic paper shapes into brilliant creations.

Divided into four sections this book reveals how to turn basic shapes into 40 great paper crafts, with super-clear illustrated instructions.

All crafts require just a sheet of paper, glue, and scissors.

When you finish this book you will create an impressive collection of paper crafts and many unforgettable memories and moments spent with your children.

Language friendly for all kids and teachers around the globe.

  • The instructions in this book are visual and easy to follow.
  • Therefore the book requires no reading or language skill to enjoy.

What's inside - 40 crafts in 4 unique sections

Imagine what you can do with just a piece of paper You will learn how to turn a paper square into a seal, circle into a ladybug or even making a snail out of paper strips. There are 40 beautiful crafts and I can't wait to show you.

Who will love my book

  • Kids and you of course It will be best used with children between 3-8 y.o.
  • Parents who lack crafting inspiration and who want to spend quality time together with their children
  • Teachers will find it super useful for creative activities with a small or full classroom. I am a teacher myself, and I wanted to design a helpful tool for your busy day.
  • The crafts typically take about 15 minutes to finish, so if you like to get something done in a short time you will love it

What is not in the book

  • The book is not about complex crafts or source of printable templates.
  • If you enjoy making realistic crafts like origami or advanced crafting techniques requiring a lot of time, then the book might not be for you.
  • I am using only paper for my creations if you like other materials then you might not find it useful.

About the author

I'm a kindergarten teacher and have been a craft blogger since 2015, making paper craft videos and tutorials.
I'm followed by millions of teachers and parents just like yourself from all around the globe.
I create new crafts almost every day and share them on my social blogs under Paper Magic Reny.


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